demo 2016

by Tunnel Vision

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released February 9, 2016

recorded by Joey Green



all rights reserved


Tunnel Vision Hawaii

Hawai'i Straight Edge.

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Track Name: Stuck
You think you have to
It's just what we do
It's so ingrained in us that's nothing new

Society tells you how to adjust
Good times and bad times: it is a must

We're not stuck!
We don't live your rules!
While you're bound,
All we did was think.
Track Name: Breaking the "Rules"
You say you hate rules
you want to break free
you won’t be told you can't
You want them to see that you're not like them,
you're different from the rest

But all you did was get in line
Who's rules are you even breaking?
What will you do when the masses are watching?
Looks like you let them decide

Now you can unwind
Now you can hangout
Now you can have fun
Now you can fit in

Who are you defying?
Seems like only yourself
I don't want your acceptance
If self destruction defines

Who are you defying?
Seems like only yourself
I don't want your acceptance
If this is how it's defined
Track Name: Ben Button
It doesn't matter where I turn it always ends the same
I've given up pretending that anything will change
In the end everyone is going the same way

I'm moving forward
No time for reverse
This worlds obsession
Is something I'll never have

Ill keep moving
You're going back the way I came
Track Name: Sorry You Asked
Everyday it seems the questions always the same
Why would I ever want to live this way?
I've been down your road it went nowhere fast
Never want to repeat the past

I make you uncomfortable, you don't want to see
That's it's even easier to live like me
Ignorance is bliss you learned that fast
Justify yourself though I didn't ask

They tell us that this is all there is
Told it's cool, that's to target kids
It defines being young and free
I don't buy that, it means the opposite to me

We are the wild and free
They all look the same to me
You can corner them but we're too strong
Straight Edge cause we don't want to belong